• Linda Steele
    • November 5, 2018

    It’s a sports bar without all the noise. It’s seems more family-oriented. It’s a good place for a 1st date in fact! And their prices are affordable for the average person considering the tasty food they offer. I’d out then in the same category as Red Robin!

    • Holton Thompson
    • December 13, 2018

    We come here a lot for a quick hot meal and are rarely disappointed. Staff has, with VERY few exceptions, always been friendly, quick, and welcoming. Their takeout window is also well staffed and very quick if you don’t want to sit down for a meal.

    • Kelly Miller
    • January 20, 2019

    Food okay. Service great. The drunk at the next booth obnoxious. My grandchildren couldn’t believe their ears. Good thing he left when he did. If this is a family restaurant why do they allow this to happen? Won’t be back to this Chili’s.

    • Mark Drewery
    • January 28, 2019

    My experience at this restaurant proved incredibly unsatisfactory. The food was barely above the standard of what food should be considered “edible”. Not too mention the lackluster service that was provided. I would very seriously consider every other restaurant in the entire 10 to 20 mile radius before finally deciding to park my car and walk in the door.

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