• Daniel Byers
    • September 20, 2018

    Since moving to Durham this is the best I’ve found yet. The owner is a sweet lady. If you can’t decide right away the black pepper chicken is so good

    • S. L
    • November 17, 2018

    We have finally, found a Asian restaurant that delivers to us other than china express… Asian kitchens food is great and not too high in all the sodium and msg. Instead, it is balanced with flavors and consistency. We had a mix up in one of our dishes. I called the next day. Talked with the owner and explained what happened. Told her I kept the food in the fridge and I’ll be happy to return it so she could see it. The owner made my dish herself, then delivered it! When she arrived I showed her the dish that was delivered. She is a wonderfully kind woman. And this was a fantastic experience in customer service.

    The other times we have had delivery, the delivery is punctual, food always hot when it arrives. Customer service from the staff is great too:) this place will be on our favorites list.

    • Joyce Plummer
    • December 20, 2018

    Excellent, fast and curteus service. Excellent food, large portions and all at a very reasonable price.

    • Michael Graham
    • December 25, 2018

    It was pretty bad. I had the old standby ‘General Tso’s Chicken’ and the breading was very soggy like it had been sitting in the sauce for hours. It was really hot though, so I think they did cook it right then, I just think they did it wrong. The crab rangoons were the bad kind with the thick shell and the way-too-sweet cream cheese and ‘crab’ filling. The egg rolls were standard so that was the highlight I guess. I ordered the fried rice and my wife ordered the white. We both recieved white rice.
    The kid that took our order was seriously like a preteen. Like maybe 12 or 13. He was really nice and I know he put the order in right because it was printed on the receipt, so it wasn’t his fault, but why is a young kid having to work on Christmas Eve.
    Oh well I guess we should have planned better so we didn’t have to go to a Chinese restaurant on Christmas Eve.

    • eeheath06
    • January 11, 2019

    1/10/19 -Honestly just left this restaurant and paid 27 dollars for dinner for the family. None of our dishes were satisfactory. Broccoli with garlic sauce tasted like nothing. The garlic sauce was awful. The pineapple chicken tasted extremely syrpie and sweet. We are very disappointed.

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