China Express

China Express

 China Express

 5234 2223, NC-54, Durham, NC 27713, USA

 +1 919-544-7013

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    • Katherine Yuan
    • June 2, 2018

    My kids and I love this place. We order Jan Pong every time. If you like soup and noodles, you should try this. Their noodles are freshly made. The broth is good and lots of ingredients like meat, seafood and vegetables. It’s great!

    • emildandrea
    • November 26, 2018

    I tried to order online but they don’t take American Express.

    I was staying at the Marriott Research Triangle. Was reluctant to order to have delivery to room based on reviews and also I like to see where I am eating.

    Anyway, I took the chance because I could not leave my room.

    I ordered Jan Pong and it was an absolutely delicious soup. They delivered the hand made noodles in a separate container. They were succulent and fresh. Wonderful texture. They even provided a bowl.

    The pot stickers were amazingly fresh and juicy. I have not had some like this in a long while. Tasted fresh not commercially produced.

    Wife had won ton soup and she enjoyed it. Not your average won ton soup. Noodle was separate from meat.

    The house fried rice lacked a little flavor but I really liked it. It did not leave a residue of fat or oily taste in my mouth at all.

    I have eaten a lot of Chinese food and only 3 places have been embedded in my mind and this is my third go to place. The other two is Lenox, MA and San Jose CA.

    The man who answered the phone was fourth coming with information and was personable. When I ordered my Jan Pong he gave me choice of Korean or Chinese. I didn’t know the difference so he suggested Korean.

    What a winner. I was very happy.

    Delivery was 40 minutes, quicker than I was told. Bill was $35, I tipped $7.

    Hope I was not just lucky because I will go back.

    • Nate Goodson
    • February 13, 2019

    This has got to be one of the worst Chinese places I have ever eatin at. Fried rice looks like white rice with vegetables. And that smell. It smelled like what I assume is sour bamboo. Sanitation score was 94

    • Jay Huh
    • February 15, 2019

    I eat here twice a month. AT LEAST. I get the same thing everytime, food is very consistent.

    • John Cameron
    • February 20, 2019

    Waited 45 min for soup. They didn’t have any problem charging the full amount. Time to find a new place. If I could give 0 stars I would

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