• Paige Highness
    • December 3, 2018

    I used to truly love this place years ago.
    Their food was always great quality and clean and tasty. I love that the vegetables in the dishes are crisp and vibrant. The owners were always very nice to me and remembered me and my family and always had true conversations with me, especially the father of the family who owned the shop.

    They’re still pretty good but I feel maybe they changed their cooks? Possibly? It seems their food doesn’t exactly have the flavor and quality it used to. I still go to them when I’m in town visiting family though because I do enjoy their food more than some other places near by.

    I do wish they delivered sometimes but I understand that maybe that would play a part in altering other aspects of running the store. I do also dislike that they’re closed on Sundays. There were plenty of instances when I had a craving and then made my way there just to be reminded they’re closed on Sunday.

    The location is pretty convenient, there is enough parking seeing as the store is in a shopping center. It’s a wheelchair accessible location. The inside offers seating for maybe ten groups of four and maybe three groups of five or six.

    I’d suggest giving this place a try at least once. They’re clean and friendly.

    The success of your experience solely depends on your expectations and standards of Chinese cuisine.

    • S. Butterfly Garrett
    • December 30, 2018

    Great meals & Great Customer service!! Please go & enjoy this food. I will let you know the main meat on this menu us Chicken & you let them know your hotness as well if it is a spicy food.

    • Lauren Hansen
    • January 10, 2019

    I have yet to have a bad meal from here. The sesame chicken is the best I have ever had and I am not a novice to hole in the wall Chinese food. Their general Tso’s is also good. Even the tofu versions of those two dishes is amazing. Dumplings are delightful and the owner (I assume) that is always working the cashier/to go is so friendly and willing to make what you want (ex: tofu dishes that don’t exist). The decor is a step above usual Chinese places in a shopping center and If I didn’t enjoy eating at home so much I would definitely eat in and enjoy the awesome Dragon wall. Portions are hefty at dinner time. For me it is easily two meals worth. Chicken and tofu both still crispy when I got home even though they were sealed and covered in sauce. Negative reviews maybe went on a bad night or something but i can safely say I have yet to be hit by one of those.

    • Peter Pokorny
    • January 31, 2019

    Great food and great service. I have been a customer for about 4 years and whether it is lunch or dinner, they never disappoint. Their food is always quickly and well made, which is especially important if you are on your lunch hour.

    • Frank Cisa
    • February 14, 2019

    Great spot for take out. The food is delicious and the staff is always friendly.

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