The Parlour

The Parlour

 The Parlour

 117 Market St, Durham, NC 27701, USA

 +1 919-564-7999

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    • Christopher Shonebarger
    • November 16, 2018

    Very good ice cream, I’m absolutely in love with this place. If I can, I visit any time I’m in the area. Pretty good variety of flavors but I found the coffee ice cream to be so good that I haven’t got around to trying any of the others! I’ll have to make a note to do so. They also have some dairy-free ice cream (or did, last time I was there) so that’s a definite plus for those of you who can’t have dairy. Very friendly staff, all around a great experience.

    • Heather B
    • December 18, 2018

    I love this place! The staff is fun and a bit eccentric which fits the atmosphere and city well. The ice cream is heavenly and worth every single calorie. The seasonal flavors this year are SO good! And the eggnog latte was amazing. They also have at least one vegan option. Totally worth a trip for an amazing dessert, but you should come slightly hungry.

    • Ella Batten
    • December 21, 2018

    Love the Vegan chocolate ice cream. One of the only places I have found to get it! I love that they have options for those with dairy sensitivity. I have never been disappointed when I visit. The staff isn’t overly friendly and sometimes can be short. That would be my only thing I would say could improve.

    • Louis Guillama
    • January 9, 2019

    The Parlor is a perfect treat after visiting one of several nearby eateries. Their butter pecan is great and the atmosphere is very pleasant. Parking usually isn’t bad if you’re patient.

    • Peter Robson
    • February 8, 2019

    Really good, fresh ingredients. I normally get a shake but my friend had a cup with 4 flavors (of which I tasted all four) and they were all rich and strong and you can tell quality ingredients are used. Good location too. Whenever I eat in downtown Durham I’m almost always coming here after my meal.

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