• Sarah Murray
    • January 20, 2019

    We had a reservation and were told it would be a little past time for us to be seated. It ended up being right on time, but after we were seated the hostess told us that we were accidentally seated early. That was pretty awkward, but we ended up getting to stay at our table. I think that’s something that should’ve been discussed with management instead of the customer. Our server Justin was awesome though. He was very polite and helpful with explaining the menu and making suggestions. Our reservation was at 8:30 and the restaurant closes at 10 so we were there a little past closing time because it does take about 2 hours to eat here since you have to cook your own food. I felt a little bit rushed because the manager kept walking by our area, but there were lots of other people still there so maybe I’m just being paranoid. Overall the start of our experience was a little rocky but the excellent service and food made it up for it. Everything is very flavorful and I enjoy the experience of making fondue. I definitely recommend if you’re looking for something different to do for a date night or just a special meal.

    • Jazmine Baldwin
    • February 2, 2019

    Not really a great place to go for the first time if you have more than like 4 people. The menu is a little confusing but once we got our orders situated it went fairly smoothly. I like that they prepare the fondue right in front of you. The meats are pretty good, but nothing to write home about. You definitely want to add some cooking time to the recommended one for the chicken products. Ideal for smaller groups.

    • James Porter
    • February 3, 2019

    The food was great. The service was very attentive. The ambiance was awesome. You can tell somebody put a lot of heart and soul into the place. I look forward to going back.

    • Tavon Littles
    • February 5, 2019

    This place is amazing, not only the food but the staff as well. I recently got engaged in the courtyard and the manager of the Little Dipper helped in setup. The service we got that night was great, water cup was always filled, and the waiter was very pleasant. Can’t wait to go back!

    • tyler robertson
    • February 10, 2019

    First time dining on February 9th in the evening and would definitely go back!!

    It was a very busy night, and the we could tell the staff was facing little adversity, it happens. Highly recommend reservations, it’s about a 2 hour dining experience.

    The staff was the most accommodating and the owner and is wife are very involved, in the business and were the most hospitable. Great experience, wonderful food, exceptional staff! Really enjoyed the owner and his wife coming to our table to check-in and make sure everything was great!

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