• crystal brewer
    • December 11, 2018

    One of my favorite french places to go and relax with some friends. Service is outstanding, Adrian is so fun to dine with and very attentive. The manager Dom, has so much knowledge of wine and food he’s just interesting to talk to. I go at least once a week.

    • Yannik Torres Kellinghusen
    • January 29, 2019

    Some of the best tasting food I have eaten in a while. Especially the savory beignets were delicious. Service was more at the level of what you might expect from a cheaper restaurant but not bad.

    • Hunter Levinsohn
    • February 13, 2019

    Frisee salad always delicious! I had flounder in an incredible rich sauce. Portions are not overwhelming. Service is Attentive. Great place to eat!

    • Glenn Laaspere
    • February 14, 2019

    French food dining in downtown Durham. Convenient garage parking across the street (free on weekends). Food quality was 8 / 10.

    • Birdie Cat
    • February 17, 2019

    food was very good… was a little sticker shocked on wine prices but quality was excellent… so there is that. staff was very helpful and friendly

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