Tonali Restaurant

Tonali Restaurant

 Tonali Restaurant

 3642 Shannon Rd, Durham, NC 27707, USA

 +1 919-489-8000

(5 reviews)

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    • Adeola Ogunwole
    • November 30, 2018

    One off the best Mexican restaurants in the Triangle. Bar none. Authenticity to an extreme. It actually reminded me of eating out in Mexico City. The mole is unreal. And the service impeccable, direct from the owner.

    Go. Just go.

    • Stephanie
    • December 6, 2018

    I don’t even want to post this because i always fear change upon fame. I love this restaurant, come with a mind at peace to enjoy authentic and fresh local food. Best food of the sort in miles to surround it

    • Yeshanth Jayakumar
    • January 4, 2019

    I really like this place. Felt like home. They do claim that they serve home cooked Mexican meal and they are absolutely right. Their menu changes often and that only goes to prove their repertoire of dishes that they can serve.

    I had the empanadas and relleno. Both were just awesome. We finished the meal with a Flan. If you haven’t had Flan(like I), then you should start with having it here. And then you should try it other places, you will come to appreciate the Flan these guys serve.

    Its good for a romantic night out. The dressing was casual which made it a bit easy and comfortable. I will go back again given a chance.

    • Elyhim
    • January 13, 2019

    Best Mexican food in Durham. Not Tex/Mex. Horchata- just get it. Customer service is great, food is great.

    • Jennifer Albright
    • February 17, 2019

    Whenever I go to Tonali I wonder why I don’t eat there more often. The food is delicious. Actually it’s the only really good Mexican food I’ve had in NC. It will change your understanding of Mexican food. Lovely place, quiet by restaurant standards and the staff are always so nice.

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