• Lakiah Wells
    • April 13, 2018

    The food was awesome! They bring your food to you and the tables are clean. I had a meat lover pizza and fries. The fries are so good. No long wait either for my food! Definitely coming back!

    • Madison Watson
    • April 22, 2018

    BEST. PIZZA PLACE. EVER! I was shocked at how good the food is here! It was authentic Italian pizza. Loved the atmosphere, taste of the food and how it’s fairly priced. Well definitely come here again.

    • Smokahontas99
    • September 8, 2018

    They Think they make the best pizza… Their ranch dressing is really good though its homemade

    • Jane Looney
    • December 26, 2018

    Great food at a reasonable price. Had a slice and a drink with a side salad included.

    • Gus Grant
    • January 9, 2019

    I eat here a couple times a week. Steak and Cheese are awesome! I ordered a few pies for work and everyone thought it was delicious. Friendly and fast staff.

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