• Joe Ro
    • November 26, 2018

    I had not experienced a Poke bowl before and I am now in love. Very cozy space with a environmentally conscious presence. If you like sushi or fresh, light meals I highly recommend.

    • Geoffrey Berry
    • December 22, 2018

    Fresh, customize your bowl poké. They have a big variety of ingredients. The space is small, but they also have outdoor seating. In my opinion, the best place of its kind in Durham.

    • Johanna Elsensohn
    • January 10, 2019

    There’s not much to not like about Zen Fish. They have super nice staff, great poke bowls, clean facilities, and seemingly an environmental conscience. They give generous portions and have a good variety of ingredients to choose from. I accidentally added mango one time but the sweetness was a happy surprise. Their drink options are unique and have never disappointed me, they even have beer. I’ve been told to try their in house punch, which I will certainly do next time!

    • Thomas DeSena
    • January 23, 2019

    My wife and I order here about once a week. the portions are generous for the price (we usually get two meals from a large bowl) and the food is always fresh. The owner is extremely nice and it is obvious from our conversations that she puts a lot of care and effort in her business.

    I definitely recommend the house tuna!

    • Robbed Often
    • February 13, 2019

    I love that this place is so close to me, and on my way to work. My girlfriend is also a huge fan of the fresh ingredients and selection of protein, base, and toppings, not to mention the sauces. Combined with local kombucha, this place is just awesome, but smaller than some of their other locations, but ideal for a snatch and grab meal at lunchtime.

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