Piney Point Grill and Seafood Bar

Piney Point Grill and Seafood Bar

 Piney Point Grill and Seafood Bar

 2515 Meridian Pkwy, Durham, NC 27713, USA

 +1 919-361-4660

(5 reviews)

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    • Adam Reid
    • July 22, 2016

    I’ve eaten here a few times on my stays at the DoubleTree hotel. The bar staff are friendly and the food is of great quality however they can soon become overwhelmed when the numbers get beyond 10 to 15 people. The selection of beers on tap needs to be improved and they should reconsider placing a massive tent outside the only windows to the bar blocking what otherwise would be a fantastic view of the lake.

    • J J Wa
    • June 1, 2018

    The staff is friendly

    • Benjamin Stafford
    • October 10, 2018

    It’s a hotel restaurant that serves a pretty good breakfast. They also offer a buffet. Staff was very friendly and helpful. They also have a great room service menu.

    • Alexander Taylor
    • October 28, 2018

    Great Food!!!!Love this place!

    • J Wyman
    • November 27, 2018

    Mediocre food, slow service. Nice staff.

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