Piedmont Restaurant

Piedmont Restaurant

 Piedmont Restaurant

 401 Foster St B2, Durham, NC 27701, USA

 +1 919-683-1213


(5 reviews)

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    • Bence Rácz
    • November 22, 2018

    I highly recommend this place. Staff is amazingly friendly, and the food is heavenly. They also do their best to make your visit pleasant. I will return to try all the other local food.

    • Seth Moye
    • December 21, 2018

    Food and atmosphere was great. Had the calamari, pretzle bites and ribs for appetizers. All were good. Had duck breast, pork chops, short ribs and pork hash entrees. Duck breast was perfect. Shared sides of Brussel sprouts were

    • Karoline Johnson
    • January 31, 2019

    Delicious food, great beverage selection and wonderful staff. They were very attentive to my food intolerances and I would feel very comfortable eating there again.

    • Mr/Mrs Vungtautwi
    • February 5, 2019

    A well rounded menu. High quality food and drink.

    • Peter Strongoli
    • February 7, 2019

    A group of middle school teachers went to the Piedmont last night to celebrate a birthday and it was very disappointing. First, the food was satisfactory, portion were small and prices were not. The service was terrible on two counts, one, a 3 to 3 1/2 hour dinner was way too long, very slow service and lastly the most annoying was that although we all clearly requested individual checks, by couples, at the end of the meal we were presented with a single check for 12 people. How does that work, is it because groups of over 10 have to pay a 18% gratuity? So at the end of a marginal meal, here a 12 people trying to figure out who ate or drank what, who owed what and who had cash because they would only allow 4 credit cards to processed against the bill, ridiculous… There are too many good restaurants in downtown Durham that pride themselves a great customer service. Lesson learned, we shall not return.

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