• Chad Haefele
    • December 24, 2018

    The mozzarella sticks were great, but nothing else worked out well. Service was slow despite the place being almost empty. They forgot one of our entrees for a while, and the medium steak we ordered was beyond well-done. Somehow the mountain dew even tasted salty.

    • Anthony Flake
    • January 31, 2019

    Below average visit. Walked in and didn’t get seated for a few minutes when there was maybe 3 tables occupied, and the bar guests. No apology for the wait just led us to the table and left promptly without saying much. Our server was very nice and sweet but wasn’t very attentive at all. Our drinks didn’t get refilled until we were ready to go. The manager also stopped by, but just to get a pen from our server.

    I work in hotels,and my husband works in restaurants. This had the potential to be a great visit as the food came out great, the server was very friendly, but yet they dropped the ball on first impressions (when managing a hotel that is one of the key things we are graded on) and attentiveness. I understand we came in at 11 when they close at 12, but regardless we deserve the same service as if we walked in at 6pm. Also we left 20 minutes before close so I’m sure we weren’t the last guests in.

    • Lela Leggett
    • February 11, 2019

    Horrible service. If I could give it less than1 star I would have. We were seated a whole 42 minutes and only got 2 glasses of water and one of those had to sent back. There were floating particles on the bottom. The waitress never introduced herself. It was cold outside with blowing air condition in there. I had to get the hostess to even take my drink order and our food order. We gave it at the same time which was 10 minutes after we got there. Tell me why the waitress did not come to our table until after the drinks orders was out in? That was to ask if someone else has brought us water. Then it was someone else who brought us the water. After we reported the water having particles in it to the waitress, picked up the glass, she rolled her eyes and sat it on a clean table. Meanwhile no update on food. At 42 minutes of an hour lunch break we left. Only water ever came to the table. What a waste of a lunch break. Thank God for Bojangles drive thru window. Oh did I mention the family of 5 plus kids that waiting 20 minutes for their bill and money back? Did I mention that while they were waiting they standing by our table and the kids were running up and down the aisle? Which of course that would not have been if they could have checked out at the bar or been attended to. Yep bad experience at this Applebee’s. I would love to tell you how the food was but again, we never got any food!!!!

    • Yarden M
    • February 20, 2019

    I had come to this Applebee’s once before and left because it took the staff 10 minutes to seat my party, and another ten minutes before we even had a waiter come, so we walked out. This time we were seated faster, but, again, were left waiting for about five minutes before we got the attention of a staff member, the manager. The manager was very cordial, took our order and aftwerwards brought over our waitress. However, even then the service was suboptimal. The manager brought out our food after a long wait. The waitress checked on our table once, when we were halfway through the meal, and asked us if we wanted dessert when we were not anywhere near to finishing our food. It was the manager who came out at the end of the meal and asked us how the meal was. Despite his best efforts, we were left unimpressed with the waitstaff. The food was okay, but not worth giving this Applebee’s another chance.

    • Kimberly James
    • February 21, 2019

    Great place to watch sports. Awesome Bar service from a nice friendly guy. The food came out fast.

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