Ruth's Chris Steak House - Durham

Ruth’s Chris Steak House – Durham

 Ruth’s Chris Steak House – Durham

 7007 Fayetteville Rd, Durham, NC 27713, USA

 +1 919-361-0123

(5 reviews)

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    • Ty Covington
    • November 15, 2018

    Fantastic experience!! The wait staff is attentive, friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. This is a steak house and they KNOW steaks. Our party ordered steaks from rare to medium and everyone was ecstatic over the quality of the meat and the perfection of the cooking. The sweet potato casserole that we ordered as a side dish was so delicious that my son in law, who has to eat gluten free, ordered it a second time as a dessert!
    The wine selection is excellent. We had a very nice Merlot with our meal and the bartender makes excellent classic martinis (gin, of course).
    If you have a special occasion and want to include a meal, this is certainly a place to consider!

    • Kamillah Grant
    • December 21, 2018

    Not sure what the deal was, went in on a holiday lunch special..I have had a better burger at Wendy’ gut tells me it was purposeful..I’m sure they don’t care but NEVER AGAIN IN LIFE..THE SAD THINGIS I HAVE BEEN TO CARY R.C AND SPENT 250 WITH NO PROBLEM., A CUSTOMER(S) LOST! BUN SOAKED IN BUTTER, UNDER COOKED FRIES, TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE

    • Walt Turner
    • January 22, 2019

    I can appreciate the pleasant atmosphere and the excellent service. I also believe that free enterprise is not a crime. You charge your price and the public has the option to patronize your business, or not. That said…I have enjoyed steak and comparable service as good as that of Ruth Chris at the Lone Star, at half the price. Ruth Chris is a great establishment. They just aren’t in the business of catering to the blue collar American.


    • Mike Myers
    • February 1, 2019

    Ruth Chris hosted a company event for me in their private dining room. They did a wonderful job of taking care if us. The food was expertly prepared and the presentation was beautifully done. I highly recommend this location.

    • Eric Silvey
    • February 20, 2019

    This is not a good place for your celebration if good service is important to you. We planned a surprise birthday event in a private room for my brother at Ruth’s Chris and worked on the details over many weeks with their staff. Their event representative promised many things that were NOT DELIVERED:

    First, they provided five tables instead of six. Second, there were no stools for the high top tables. Third, there were no place cards with guest names. Fourth, no one was checking coats (in December). Fifth, no one was taking drink orders during the cocktail hour. Sixth, the food for the cocktail hour was late. Seventh, the guest of honor’s table was served last. Eighth, the plates provided with dinner were too small to allow sides to be put on the plate. Ninth, there was no supervision of the staff and no one checked in to see how things were going.

    For a high end restaurant with such a large price tag, you would expect the best quality service to be provided.

    As a New York City event coordinator (I flew in for this event), I was extremely disappointed that I had to work that night by asking the staff multiple times for things that were promised by the managers/event staff. I emailed the staff directly and they did not respond. Eventually, I was then directed to speak to their customer service department only to be disappointed again as they did not respond to three emails and several calls over three weeks to finally be told that there was nothing they could do for me after ruining my special night with my brother.

    All I wanted was a chance for them to redeem themselves by inviting me back to their restaurant as their guest.

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